Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a Little Mouse...

Mrs. Robin thinks she needs to make a nest in our garage, so we have no choice but to keep our garage doors least until she decides to give up and nest elsewhere. It reminded me though, of how many people are afraid of birds. I can't say I relate to that unless you were part of the movie The Birds, then I could understand! But in all fairness, I try to put myself in others' shoes, and I assume that they dislike birds in a way that I HATE mice. I do not use the word hate lightly...I have very strong feelings about those rodents.

I'm not sure where it comes from, but does it really matter? I can't imagine ever having any sort of counseling that would lead me to conquer my fear by catching one in my hands. YIKES!! Trust me, it will NEVER happen.

My husband's Aunt Maryann who was a rather robust, full figured lady, once had an experience with a mouse that caused me to tremble. (Now you may wonder why I added a description of her womanly figure...I think it will help you to visualize the story better as I continue. )

It was winter and she was outside when a mouse happened to run across the snow; her dog started to chase it around. Suddenly the mouse headed right at her and went scurrying to safety up the pant leg of her polyester slacks! Oh my gosh-can you imagine? She tried shaking her leg but to no avail did that mouse want to leave the safety and warmth of her thigh. Finally in desperation, right there in the middle of the yard, in broad daylight and freezing temperatures, she dropped her pants! Thank heavens she lived out in the country and off the main road!

Evidently that was enough to send the little mouse out of his protective shelter never to be seen again. I wonder who was more traumatized, Aunt Maryann or the mouse? She laughed and laughed when she told us that story so I tend to think the mouse had to be more frightened than her :)

While I have had experiences with mice, I can't claim to have had any type of physical contact with one as Aunt Maryann did. The Disney mice are adorable as are the other cartoon ones that are dressed in cute little clothes and hats; but that is about as close as I will ever get to touching one; trust me!

So, I truly do have empathy for anyone who has issues with any of God's little creatures that he has created. May they stay wild, free, amongst their own kind- and far away from me.


tyneboden said...

I'm so afraid of birds. Just the other day I saw a crow hop instead of walk. I was so impressed, but Justin says they do that all the time. I think I need to look at those scary skinny legged things more often.

Speaking of scary skinny legged things... there are turkeys, ducks, and geese running wild around the apartment complex. It's so freaky. You'd never know I live in a big city, and not the middle of nowhere!

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I literally had to shoo a spider out with a broom this morning. Yeah, it looked to big for our vacuum, now that is a scary thought.

Robyn Jones said...

LMAO! That is hilarious! And it reminds me of the experience I had at my MILs...She is deathly terrified of it was with amusement one night that I watched my MIL jumping up and down on a chair on the kitchen screaming, while her two sons chased a mouse around with a broom...LOL! Won't forget that too soon..I am not scared of them...all the same I recently walked into my kitchen to see one scurry across the floor, and I still screamed...

Gina F said...

I am not scared of mice but I am very scared of those outside cockroaches. I know they don't bite but those things are so creepy. HUH! My skin is crawling just telling you. I don't like COCKROACHES. OKAY!! I don't have them in my house because I am a neat freak but they have those outside cockroahes espeically during the summer when it is hot. I just saw one last night when I went outside to throw some boxes in the garbage last night. Well, the boxes didn't make it to the garbage until husband left for work this morning. ENOUGH SAID!! HAVE A BLESS DAY!!!