Friday, October 4, 2013


I love to laugh.
 It takes a way tension and just plain feels good; all the way down to my toes. So that is why it has become very evident to me when I am not laughing as I feel a little lost - like I don't know myself anymore and that concerns me.
 Obviously a person probably isn't laughing when there are sad things happening in ones life or when a person's life becomes stressful and complicated;  I understand that. However, if that continues on for a long period of time and the laughter is gone then a piece of who that person is/was, is also gone. How sad is that?
I would hate for that to happen to me as I have seen it happen to others many times and can not relate to it in a long term sort of way. I guess I have always figured that there would be SOMETHING that would make me laugh again? Maybe that is one of the reasons I love children so can you not laugh at their conversations and actions. They bring nothing but joy and hope to my heart, and for that I am so very grateful.
I was reminded of laughter Monday evening while watching The Voice. It had been a stressful few weeks, and year if I were to be completely honest.  But music somehow soothes my mind and soul and watching the coaches banter back and forth had me laughing out loud in an otherwise empty living room. The good feeling of laughing out loud was somehow enough to take a way any sadness that had been sitting on my mind.
Suddenly it felt so good to be "me" once again!  I had really missed myself for a while, and even if the laughter was to be short lived to 2 hours, it still felt so safe and comfortable for me and I was home again and life was what it had always been for me.
 Life has been good to me and for the times when a wrench gets thrown in I am determined to forge ahead and bring back the laughter that somehow disappears during those moments.

Years ago, I told Gary that I wanted the words on my headstone to read: "Remember The Laughter" and that is truly how I want to be remembered because what is life without the laughter...