Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today I Said a Little Prayer...

Today I said a little prayer for WJ and his children who lost their lovely wife and wonderful mommy. I pray they will have strength and courage to get through life without the person they love and depended on most on this earth. I pray that they will have the faith and knowledge that one day they will be reunited. Natalia is once again in the arms of her loving grandparents who helped raise her and is at peace.
Today I said a little prayer for Stacey who will be undergoing treatment for her thyroid cancer. May the treatment work quickly and thoroughly and may she be able to keep her strong and positive attitude even during the times that seem the hardest.
Today I said a little prayer for Char who cried when I told her about the death of Natalia, as she had just lost her husband recently and the news brought back such sadness. I pray that she will find support in all of us who love her, and comfort in the prayers that are offered her way.
Today I said a little prayer for little Elsie as she started her first day at a new daycare. May her smile brighten the lives of her provider and may they fall in love with her and care for her the way we do:)
Today I said a little prayer for Kyrstin as she comes to the last month of her pregnancy. May her labor and delivery go well and may this baby be born healthy so that someday he/she can rejoice in knowing the Lord; the creator of such miracles.
Today I said a little prayer for all my children. Keep them safe as they travel and help them to do their jobs in such a way that it makes a difference in the lives of others and in doing so brings glory to you, our Lord.
Today I said a little prayer for Connor, Tate, Caitlyn and Billy, as they head back to school. Please keep them safe at school and play and may they find pleasure in learning and opportunities to help and to be kind to others.
Today I said a little prayer for Easton, Alec and Addie. Hold them tight in your loving arms and keep them safe at play. Lord, help those around them to take time to find pleasure in all their sweetness and moments of discovery and learning:)
Today I said a little prayer for Gary. I thank you every day for bringing him into my life. Only you Lord, could have made that happen, and only you knew that we were meant to be:)
Today I said a little prayer for Layne and Jenna who rejoice in the news of a new baby! What a wonderful gift it is to be a part of creating a new life.
Today I said a little prayer for all those who are having struggles in their lives. I pray that they will turn to you so that you can guide them with the light that leads them to happiness and acceptance.
Yes, today I said a little prayer...not unlike yesterday or any day before that or any day to come.