Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An "Initial" Laugh

My daughter had her first playwright performed last night at a local theatre. It was actually a contest and she was one of three winners in the adult category! How fun and exciting to get your first script accepted! It was a ten minute play and took place as a conversation between two friends in the waiting room of a Dr's office. It was funny and made the audience laugh numerous times. I especially laughed as parts were taken from our family situations and comments. She is becoming a female Ray Ramano who based his Everybody Loves Raymond show, on his real life. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I need to watch my P's & Q's down the road here:)

After her play she went out with some friends and this morning was telling me that they went to Famous Dave's and had a couple of PBR's! If you know anything about me, you know that these initial things with technology especially, throw me off base...
So, I asked her what PBR was and she responded with a pause, "Mom, you know what that is, just think about it."

So I did, as obviously I must know what that means....The only thing that came to mind was peanut butter and.....what???? So I'm throwing these thoughts out to her like clues on the final puzzle of Wheel of Fortune.
Finally, with a huge sigh, she tells me it means Pabst Blue Ribbon beer!!
Well for pete sake, since when does a person say they had a PBR when they could say they had a beer? No wonder they say there is a lack of communication between the generations:) Oh well, we had a good laugh:)
No doubt, this may be used in a future script of hers someday. Guess I'm OK with that:) Have a great Easter!