Friday, August 22, 2014

A Complimentary Reflection

I have often said that a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.
When you see others doing good, working hard and trying to do the best they can do we need to let them know that we notice and appreciate it.
Who doesn't try even harder when given recognition and a pat on the back? On the contrary, who wants to put in any effort when all they get is criticism and sarcastic remarks?
Perfect examples of this is to watch the hurt and humiliation on a child's face as they are being put down and bullied.  Then watch a child's expression when they are being complimented and praised.  Their whole demeanor changes as they sit taller with more confidence.

Along that same line, a person needs to stand up to injustice.  A lot of terrible things happen when good people say nothing! If you see an injustice happening you must stand up to it even if you are in the minority. Trust me, it is not always easy when you feel as though you are standing alone; but it is the right thing to do. That does not mean blurting out every thought that comes in to your head; you need to weigh your words and tone carefully if you choose to stand up for what you feel is an injustice.

I am not a perfect person. We are not a perfect people.  However, that does not mean that we give up trying to do what is right and just. As adults we need to work hard and live our lives so that when our children and grandchildren think of fairness, caring and integrity they will hopefully think of us.
What better compliment is there than that.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Message Shared

Yesterday morning my almost 4 year old grandson was helping me make a cake; doing all the typical things little guys do and asking a ton of questions a long the way.  We all know at that age (or any age perhaps:) that the best part of making a cake is licking the beaters after the batter is finally poured in the cake pan. Once he was sitting at the counter with his treat, the conversation continued like so:

Me- " My mom use to give me the beaters to lick off too when I was a little girl."

Alecthinking about this between licks, "Grandma did your ma-ma died?"

Me-"Yes she did Alec."

Alec- "How come?"

Me-  "She was very sick and the Dr's couldn't make her better so she had to go to heaven. You see Alec, when the Dr's couldn't make her better, God said that he would take care of her in heaven and she would be all better there."

Alec- with a little pause and, a thoughtful look " Did you ma-ma beed better then?"

Me-"Yes, she wasn't sick anymore."

Alec-stopped his licking of the beaters and looking up at me with great concern and stated, "But now your ma-ma not coming here. "

Me-"No she isn't, but that is okay as someday when Grandma gets real old it will be my turn to go to heaven and she will be waiting to see me and I will be so happy to see her again!"

And with that, he finished his treat and off he went.:)

Later that afternoon I got an email from a dear childhood friend telling me that her mother had just passed away at the age of 98.  I felt such sadness for her and her family as I tried to send words of comfort back to her. I thought to myself how timely my conversation had been with Alec just that very morning!
 It wasn't until I got up from the computer that I noticed the date on the calendar, June 4th; the very day my mom passed away forty-five years ago...
I don't believe in coincidences as I know that with each incident comes a message to any who open their  hearts and minds to hear it. I feel that the message was an affirmation that my mom is still with me, a part of me; and today I was able to share her spirit with not only my grandson, but with my dear friend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who Are You?

Maya Angelou passed a way today and she left this world leaving me with more words of wisdom.
"You show who you really are by the way you treat others."
Simple words that are so profound...Think about it. Think about the people you know and how they treat others and then decided for yourself if they are the people you think they are?  An interesting thought to ponder and a good way to take a good hard look at yourself.
Anyone who knows the words and works of Ms Angelou knows that she walked her talk.  May she rest in peace.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Defining Help

This morning I was helping my almost 4 year old grandson carry some Lego's upstairs for him to play with.  I handed him one case with a nice carrying handle while I grabbed another while balancing an uncovered one full of tiny miscellaneous pieces on top. In my left hand I grabbed a much larger box ready to go.  I took two steps and the uncovered container slipped, spilling hundreds a the smallest Lego pieces they make; tiny little neon lights, hands, heads, feathers, flower tops and heaven only knows the use of most of these practically invisible items.
Alec exclaimed, "OH NO!" and with the most sincere look on his face squatted down to look at the eight foot perimeter they had scattered:(   Most of them were practically hidden in the texture of the multi-colored carpet as I struggled with even grasping most of them.
My immediate thought was, "Thank goodness he is such a good boy and is going to help me pick these little pieces up." 
He then jumped up and said, "Grandma, I will help you."   He then reached out and grabbed the one handled container I still had in my hand and promptly and dutifully headed upstairs while I sat among the rubble...

While I really couldn't complain as he WAS helping me- I did think to myself, "Boy, I misread that one!"
Goes to show that while great minds think alike, they somehow are still a bit different:)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Words of Hope

I am a saver of great words.  In fact I have a pile of comments and sayings that have moved me over the years and on occasion I pull them out and read through them.  This one struck me the other day and I just had a need to pass it on. It is one that should be built in to our minds for use in time of need.

"Sorrow comes in great waves...but it rolls over us,
 and though it may almost smother us, it leaves us.
 And we know that if it is strong, we are stronger,
 inasmuch as it passes and we remain."
~ attributed to Henry James

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Good Easter

We had a small gathering for Easter this year but that didn't make it any less special.  The sunrise service was amazing, the weather was beautiful the food excellent, the games we played in the afternoon and the laughter shared made for a joyous day!
 The "frosting on the cake" was hearing from the 4 kids that weren't with us this year!  That small gesture made my Easter complete.
It was a day of counting ones blessings and being thankful for the life we are given.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Phone Talk

I called my son this week to see how he was feeling after a bad cold.  At the end of the conversation he told me that my 4 year old grandson was sitting next to him patiently waiting to talk to me.  This always makes me happy:)  Here are some highlights of our conversation.

Me--"Hi Easton, is it really cold there?"
E--"Ahhh Grandma, I'm not outside right now, I'm in the house..."
Me--"Did Mommy get your Valentine's Day books out yet?"
E--"Well, my mom is at work right now."
Me--"I know honey, but I thought maybe she had gotten them out for you."
E--"Well I can ask her?"
Me--"Maybe you can ask your Daddy to get them out for you."
E--"Just a minute, I will ask him."  In the background I hear him saying, " Dad, can you get my Valentine's Day books out?"   He comes back on the phone and says, " My Dad says he can get them for me."
Me--"Oh Easton, I love talking to you on the phone."
E--"Well, did you know I have another Grandma and she calls me all the time... oh,oh, oh... I mean she talks to my Mom all day long and my Dad too."
Me--" That's really nice that she calls them, she must love them a lot."
E--"Ya, she talks to them all the time."
Me--"I miss you Easton, maybe you can come see me pretty soon?"
E--" Ya, I think we are coming in two weeks, that's when we are coming!
Me--(I know this is not something that he has run by his parents
        " Well I hope so, make sure you tell Mom and Dad."
E--Yelling to his Dad, "Are we going to go see Grandma in the woods?"
     By this time I need to use the bathroom so figured it was a good time to end our fun conversation.
Me--" Easton, Grandma has to go now, but I will talk to you later OK?"
E--" Nooooo....why do you have to go?"
Me--" Because I have to go potty!"
E--"Awww!" Yelling loudly  " Dad, Grandma has to go potty!"
The phone goes clunk and our visit is over.
What fun is that?  I never had a conversation with my Grandma like that!
I sure love that little guy:)