Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Know The Answer!

This morning on the radio the trivia question was, "Americans eat about 11 1/2 pounds of this a year." The gentleman on the other line was guessing;meat,eggs,toothpaste-I'm thinking if that it the right answer I'll be shocked! and then the D.J. gave him a hint that it can take the shape of an animal, especially at Easter... Well that totally confused him as he starts naming animals that we eat!! Finally he got the right answer after they said, "You'll find this in your Easter basket."--YES! chocolate!!!
I'm laying in bed right after the first hint, saying, "Chocolate, chocolate..." Finally, I am yelling at the radio, "It's CHOCOLATE!" I felt a bit embarrassed afterward screaming at a box, plus my husband came out of the bathroom wondering what in the world was going on?? (One way to make him laugh:)

Doesn't it drive you crazy when the answer is soooo obvious and the other person is all over the place trying to figure it out? I guess that must be what it is like when you get on a game show. They say it looks a lot easier than it really is. Or so they tell me.
I only know of one person who has been on a game show, and that was my daughter when she was in college and the track team went to California to train. She ended up on the PRICE IS RIGHT and she was called to "Come on down...!"
That evening we get a phone call and her friends very calmly told me that she had won a car. Well, I thought they were goofing around- wouldn't you? I kept saying, "Ya, right!" Finally, she got on the line, and convinced me it was true!!! OMgosh...I screamed and screamed "A car!"--what excitement!!

It took a month before it was televized and there I am finding myself talking to the TV suggesting if she should bid higher or lower! And to make it even stranger, I was actually as surprised as the audience when she won! I was jumping up and down! For pete sake--what is the matter with me????

So, I obviously haven't learned that talking to radios and TV's doesn't work. Trust me, I'm sure I will do it again.
Have a great week.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Beary" Interesting

This morning right as I was getting ready to go out the door for my walk, the Today Show (I know, I have referred to that before--but I learn a lot from that morning show!)had a guy on talking about the black bear. I quickly DVR'd it as I was curious about what he had to say. I grew up in the great northwoods of Wisconsin and was fairly familar with bears as they are very common up there.

Once I got home and sat down with my bowl of oatmeal and blueberries,(can you tell I'm trying to drop 20 pounds?) I watched the segment. This gentleman is hosting a program on the black bear for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom." He explains how he learned that there are many misconceptions about the bear. He goes on to say, "When a bear has an occasional bluster, it just means they are nervous. We came to interpret bear behavior in terms of their fear, not ours."

Hmmm-that was interesting...I assume "bluster" means growl? Ok, so say a bear meets me in the woods; he gets nervous and growls...I guess I can relate to that because I would certainly feel nervous myself. I could also possibly end up exuding some type of primal noise due to hyper-ventilating! It would be interesting to see who would scare who the most after that "sound exchange." I remember my Mom telling me to just yell loudly if I were to see a bear, as that would scare them. However, as of late I have heard more than a few stories of bears up north chasing humans up a tree and no amount of noise seemed to scare them away! Maybe it just depends on the bear, or the mood it is in that day, huh? Could be!

I have given it a little more thought, and maybe this guy actually does know what he's talking about! Think about the story of The 3 Bears; the bears are the good guys, and poor Goldilocks is the intruder that takes advantage of their home...and then they "bluster" about her being in their bed!
Makes you think a little differently about bears now, doesn't it?

Have a good week:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Fragments...REALLY???

Easter is just around the corner and with grandchildren around the topic of Easter Bunny is a daily one. We live in the woods so whenever a rabbit goes hopping through our lawn we ask, "Do you think that might be Easter Bunny?" We are big on holidays in our home. We decorate the house, read stories, make cut out cookies,do crafts(see my daughters craft blog, Look What We Did Today) and celebrate the reason for the holiday. It's fun and a way to connect with not only our children and grandchildren but also to the "child" in all of us!
Don't you remember the excitement of getting your Easter basket out, coloring eggs and finding your basket on Easter morning? Wow! There really had to be an Easter Bunny because there was no way that our parents would ever allow us to have all of that candy at one time!
One day my husband was telling how easy it was for him as a child to figured out the truth about Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. I was listening intently as he very seriously and thoughtfully went on to say, "But you know, I could never figure out the Tooth Fairy. It took me a long time and when I did I felt really bad, it was kinda traumatic."
I looked at him waiting for the punch line... but when I realized he was serious I blurted out in an explosive laughter. "WHAT? Are you kidding me? REALLY... the Tooth Fairy???!!"
Now granted, that probably wasn't very tactful of me, but at the time it was absolutely hilarious!! Well, to me anyway...
I mean really, figuring out where the dime under my pillow came from verses where the doll under the tree came from? No contest, the Santa thing was much more upsetting for me.
So, I guess no matter how old we are, the "child" in us still comes to the surface when we reflect on those events. But REALLY, come on...the Tooth Fairy??!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Singing Along

I love singing with the radio, especially the oldies as I know the words to those the best. Well usually...sometimes I guess I get it wrong, just ask my kids. Well, really,some singers just don't enunciate very well:) Then there are other times when it is just the way I interpet some of the words. It MUST happen to everyone, don't you think?
Take for instance when I was little, back in the 50's; we were great fans of the Milwaukee Braves baseball team. My grandpa would have the radio on listening to the games all the time. My brother Gary even had this t-shirt with the Braves logo on it; an Indian (now called Native American) Warrior with a feather. Today that would probably be an unacceptable portrayal. Anyhow, when the National Anthem would come on I would stand and proudly belt out the song. My favorite part was at the end when I would confidently sing, "Oh say, does that Star-spangled Banner yet wave... O'er the land of the free... and the home of the BRAVES!"
Hooray! I assumed and thought everyone must love the Braves--why else would it be in the National Anthem? Funny isn't it? To this day I think of that everytime I sing our anthem:)
There are many songs I have since learned the right words to,occasionally preferring my version better. I will be sure to share those with you another time.
Have a great day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture This

My grandson Connor just celebrated his 5th birthday. His cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents were there enjoying the company of family, eating and taking pictures. He blew out his candles, ate his decorated Star Wars cake and opened many gifts. Connor had the time of his life-at least for this week:)

I got to thinking about this birthday; will he remember it when he is grown up? I don't remember my 5th birthday. I do have vague recollections of my 6th but I tend to think it's because I have a picture of me wearing my pretty light blue dress. But then again, that picture is in black and white so how did I recall the color of my dress? Pictures do that; they help you remember things.

Photographs are like building blocks for your memory, preserving the past and keeping good records of your life. Sometimes they show unflattering memories;like the one where you look terrible and someone says, "Pictures don't lie..." (Uggh, I hate that quote!) Then there is the photo that you think you look pretty darn good:) and someone remarks, "Oh, that just doesn't look like you at all!" (probably the same person--You just can't win with some people!)

Speaking of Connor, there is one memory that I do not have a picture of. It is the day when my daughter brought her firstborn home and I went to spend a few days with them to help them get settled. That first night was no different than most babies first nights; between feedings and diaper changes there was little time for my daughter to rest. Everytime she would lay him down he would wake up;it seemed as though he would only sleep if he was held.
By midnight she was so emotionally tired I told her to go to bed and let me take care of him. Amidst tears of feeling like a "bad mom" for not being able to do it all, I calmly and lovingly told her "This is one thing I can do for you,so get a few hours sleep while you can;you will have a lifetime of staying up with him and the rest of your life being a Mom":)

Sitting in the darkened living room with only the street light shining through the crack of the window curtain, baby Connor and I rocked in the glidder, back and forth. As I cuddled him over my shoulder and quietly sang songs to him he nestled in and slept without care or worry. We spent the whole night that way, with me occasionally closing my eyes and resting my head on the headrest. Just me and him... It is a memory that I hold close to my heart and no camera could capture the special warmth of that night. I am the only one who will forever keep that "picture" --in my memory.

I often tell him that story, and he thinks that's pretty nice and with a hug he rubs in the kiss I give him, and runs off for another adventure--Just the way it should be.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Seems as though there are always bits and pieces of thoughts that go through my head and if you really think about them, they are kinda strange, often funny!

Take this morning for instance; I just happened to hear a blurp on the Today Show about a fashion item costing $12. The commentator was saying what a deal it was, "Literally you could buy this with the changefrom under your couch cushions!" I'm thinking, REALLY? did she say "literally"-? because to me that means, matter of a fact;that it actually happens. I wonder what kinda of pocket change she has that falls out and stays under her couch cushion? Honestly,I don't think I know of anyone that has found that kind of change in their couches. If I did, I would be sure to be lifting more cushions after sitting on their furniture!!

Kids often take things literally. A month ago my daughter was home from college wearing her blue jeans with holes in the knees.(She actually spent money to buy them that way--literally!) Anyhow, my granddaughter asked her if her knees got cold when she went outside? Kinsey responded with, "No, because I wear long underwear underneath." The look on my granddaughter's face was priceless,after a pause... her question was, "Your underwear is that long?" You can only imagine how much that made us laugh:)
So, take some time and listen to what people are "literally" saying these days. It actually can be pretty entertaining.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking to My Own Beat

Happy St.Patrick's Day! What a beautiful day it is too--temperature here is 60 degrees.
I went for my morning walk around 8 a.m. with my MP3 playing at a moderate volume,and enjoying the music greatly. (Thank you kids for buying it for me-I love it!)
Anyhow, as I get going, I realize that the different songs help mix up my walking strides and speeds, and I'm thinking how GREAT this exercise is as it changes up my heart rate, just like they recommend on The Biggest Loser! So, I'm on the service road that runs parallel to an interstate highway and I'm striding it out pretty good. Then I start to notice that my head is bobbing with the beat--well that's ok, how can it not? A few steps later my shoulders are kinda moving up and down and within a few more steps my hands are tapping in the air. Hey-this is some good walking music!
Gradually I notice that with each step my waist and hips are shifting gently sideways, back and forth... Suddenly, it occurs to me that I may be quite a sight to the people driving on the interstate so I immedietly shift my posture to a sraight back, like a walker should. Well, I'll be darned, not a song later I was back to that same old dancing beat! It is very hard to just walk when there is such good music pounding in your ears!! So I just decided, that if the music moves me, so be it. Afterall, these people on the interstate are just passing by; they don't know me and I'm sure I will never meet them. You know what? It may give them a good story to tell about the "hip-hop" walker they saw and have a good laugh:)I'm a good sport and ok with making other people smile.
Just as I lift my shoulders and raise my chin up with acceptance, a car horn blares from the intestate--I quickly look over to see a car flying by with my neighbor waving back at me--Ahh geez...

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Can't Be The Only One?

Ok, it's time to address this world of technology and the abbreviations they use for everything. First of all, I will admit I am not a number person. Numbers just don't stick in my mind for too long for whatever reason; hence, that explains why I am not a Dr. or anyone that has to deal with formulas etc... BUT, I have always loved spelling, reading and writing, so why in the world do I have such a tough time remembering all of these initials that go to things these days?

Growing up I can't remember there being as many abbreviations for things. Off the top of my head there was RSVP,(I just know what it means, not what each letter actually stands for-sorry!) P.O.,(Ahh, excuse me, it means Post Office--not what you may have been thinking..) P.S., A.M., P.M., all the abbrev. of states, (which now many have changed--how in the heck can they do that? That should be illegal!!)

My kids tease me because I tend to confuse DVD and CD when I am talking to them. First of all, if I take my time I can get it right--but I don't usually talk haltingly so sometimes,-- OK--- MOST times, it comes out something like this, "I need the CD,or DVD, or WHATEVER it is.." And in all fairness, if you look at each of them they DO look alike, don't they? Even so, I need to work on at least those two so I don't continue to drive my kids crazy. I still call my grandson's hand held video game a Gameboy instead of DS. Thank goodness he is more patient with me, afterall, I am a grandma.

Obviously it is a memory thing. You know they say you get more forgetful as you age...and heaven only know my mind is full of years of wisdom already-at least that sounds like a good excuse:) Maybe there just isn't anymore room for all of those extra letters.
Whatever the reason, I guess names for things have changed and I just have to look at it as a challenging adventure.

Sharing the Laughter

I have always loved writing. For years I have kept journals, diarys, and notes about happenings and my thoughts. After reading several blogs, I decided it might be easier having my own blog rather than trying to keep all my papers in order. We'll see...
Now, about my blog--A few years ago my family experienced an exceptionally busy summer of kids moving in, kids moving out, kids marrying, kids having kids, and kids remodeling--just to name a few. We were having a period of months with literally no free days, let alone a free weekend! It was then that I told my family that we needed to lift the burden by looking at these committments as "adventures". Needless to say that started the bantering of good natured comments, "Oh, Mom is going on another adventure.." With that being said, we had a great summer of teasing and laughter; all which ended up making that summer a memorable one.

Laughter has always been one of my favorite things. There is SO much humor out there waiting to be recognized as such. It is with that in mind that I hope to share with you my laughter and adventures.