Monday, March 15, 2010

I Can't Be The Only One?

Ok, it's time to address this world of technology and the abbreviations they use for everything. First of all, I will admit I am not a number person. Numbers just don't stick in my mind for too long for whatever reason; hence, that explains why I am not a Dr. or anyone that has to deal with formulas etc... BUT, I have always loved spelling, reading and writing, so why in the world do I have such a tough time remembering all of these initials that go to things these days?

Growing up I can't remember there being as many abbreviations for things. Off the top of my head there was RSVP,(I just know what it means, not what each letter actually stands for-sorry!) P.O.,(Ahh, excuse me, it means Post Office--not what you may have been thinking..) P.S., A.M., P.M., all the abbrev. of states, (which now many have changed--how in the heck can they do that? That should be illegal!!)

My kids tease me because I tend to confuse DVD and CD when I am talking to them. First of all, if I take my time I can get it right--but I don't usually talk haltingly so sometimes,-- OK--- MOST times, it comes out something like this, "I need the CD,or DVD, or WHATEVER it is.." And in all fairness, if you look at each of them they DO look alike, don't they? Even so, I need to work on at least those two so I don't continue to drive my kids crazy. I still call my grandson's hand held video game a Gameboy instead of DS. Thank goodness he is more patient with me, afterall, I am a grandma.

Obviously it is a memory thing. You know they say you get more forgetful as you age...and heaven only know my mind is full of years of wisdom already-at least that sounds like a good excuse:) Maybe there just isn't anymore room for all of those extra letters.
Whatever the reason, I guess names for things have changed and I just have to look at it as a challenging adventure.

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Kinsey said...

I can remember license plates like no other. I hope I don't lose's one of my talents!!