Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Seems as though there are always bits and pieces of thoughts that go through my head and if you really think about them, they are kinda strange, often funny!

Take this morning for instance; I just happened to hear a blurp on the Today Show about a fashion item costing $12. The commentator was saying what a deal it was, "Literally you could buy this with the changefrom under your couch cushions!" I'm thinking, REALLY? did she say "literally"-? because to me that means, matter of a fact;that it actually happens. I wonder what kinda of pocket change she has that falls out and stays under her couch cushion? Honestly,I don't think I know of anyone that has found that kind of change in their couches. If I did, I would be sure to be lifting more cushions after sitting on their furniture!!

Kids often take things literally. A month ago my daughter was home from college wearing her blue jeans with holes in the knees.(She actually spent money to buy them that way--literally!) Anyhow, my granddaughter asked her if her knees got cold when she went outside? Kinsey responded with, "No, because I wear long underwear underneath." The look on my granddaughter's face was priceless,after a pause... her question was, "Your underwear is that long?" You can only imagine how much that made us laugh:)
So, take some time and listen to what people are "literally" saying these days. It actually can be pretty entertaining.
Have a great weekend!


tyneboden said...

Haha! I can picture the look on Caitlyn's face!

Kinsey said...

For some reason I had a comment on here that I didn't post. I posted it on another one of your posts...weird, so I deleted it. I wish I had $12 in my couch. Maybe I need to be friends with rich kids.

Peggy said...

Testing my comments.

Kyrstin said...

Caitlyn does take everything literally! As for change under the couch cushions - we never have any, but we cleaned out Nick's truck and got about $20.00 out of his middle counsel!

Kinsey said...

Oh my gosh! Are you serious? I found two bucks in my car...but I think it fell out of my Pizza Hut apron after work one night :)