Monday, March 15, 2010

Sharing the Laughter

I have always loved writing. For years I have kept journals, diarys, and notes about happenings and my thoughts. After reading several blogs, I decided it might be easier having my own blog rather than trying to keep all my papers in order. We'll see...
Now, about my blog--A few years ago my family experienced an exceptionally busy summer of kids moving in, kids moving out, kids marrying, kids having kids, and kids remodeling--just to name a few. We were having a period of months with literally no free days, let alone a free weekend! It was then that I told my family that we needed to lift the burden by looking at these committments as "adventures". Needless to say that started the bantering of good natured comments, "Oh, Mom is going on another adventure.." With that being said, we had a great summer of teasing and laughter; all which ended up making that summer a memorable one.

Laughter has always been one of my favorite things. There is SO much humor out there waiting to be recognized as such. It is with that in mind that I hope to share with you my laughter and adventures.

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