Thursday, January 30, 2014

Phone Talk

I called my son this week to see how he was feeling after a bad cold.  At the end of the conversation he told me that my 4 year old grandson was sitting next to him patiently waiting to talk to me.  This always makes me happy:)  Here are some highlights of our conversation.

Me--"Hi Easton, is it really cold there?"
E--"Ahhh Grandma, I'm not outside right now, I'm in the house..."
Me--"Did Mommy get your Valentine's Day books out yet?"
E--"Well, my mom is at work right now."
Me--"I know honey, but I thought maybe she had gotten them out for you."
E--"Well I can ask her?"
Me--"Maybe you can ask your Daddy to get them out for you."
E--"Just a minute, I will ask him."  In the background I hear him saying, " Dad, can you get my Valentine's Day books out?"   He comes back on the phone and says, " My Dad says he can get them for me."
Me--"Oh Easton, I love talking to you on the phone."
E--"Well, did you know I have another Grandma and she calls me all the time... oh,oh, oh... I mean she talks to my Mom all day long and my Dad too."
Me--" That's really nice that she calls them, she must love them a lot."
E--"Ya, she talks to them all the time."
Me--"I miss you Easton, maybe you can come see me pretty soon?"
E--" Ya, I think we are coming in two weeks, that's when we are coming!
Me--(I know this is not something that he has run by his parents
        " Well I hope so, make sure you tell Mom and Dad."
E--Yelling to his Dad, "Are we going to go see Grandma in the woods?"
     By this time I need to use the bathroom so figured it was a good time to end our fun conversation.
Me--" Easton, Grandma has to go now, but I will talk to you later OK?"
E--" Nooooo....why do you have to go?"
Me--" Because I have to go potty!"
E--"Awww!" Yelling loudly  " Dad, Grandma has to go potty!"
The phone goes clunk and our visit is over.
What fun is that?  I never had a conversation with my Grandma like that!
I sure love that little guy:)