Monday, March 7, 2011

Make It Fit!

My eight year old grandson, Tate is spending a few days with us this week. We are having a good time and all is going well. It's fun to have time to hang out together!
Today Tate's Aunt Kinsey offered to play Battle Ship with him. She got out the little kids card table, and was getting it set up for her to sit on the couch side of it while Tate could sit in the child's rocking chair on the opposite side.
Well, in the wink of an eye he plopped himself down on the couch and when she protested saying that was her spot to sit, he replied in no uncertain terms that she could sit in the little chair! Of course she tried to explain to him that she wouldn't be able to fit in that chair and still he insisted she would! (She could have taken that as a compliment I guess:)
Out of pure frustration she sighed a big sigh, so he said to her very calmly, "Well, if you are too big to fit in it, maybe you should have my Dad roll over you." When she asked him in a very frustrated voice what THAT meant, he said, "Well he could flatten you so you would fit!"
Needless to say Kinsey and I got a good laugh out of that, and of course I had to intervene and ask him if he would please let her sit on the couch. In a very respectful manner he did shift to the other side.
Kids always have a simple way of solving things and making things fit...don't you think?