Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love is in the Air!

This morning the radio trivia questions was, " What is it that 84% of men believe and 41% of women surveyed, believe?"
Hmmm...The man answering the question started out by saying, "Love...Saying I love you..." The DJ told him he was getting close, but to be more specific. The man blurted out, "Love at first sight...?" CORRECT!!!
A discussion followed on how surprised they were by that percentage, and I must say that I agreed with that! Wouldn't you think women would be more prone to having that romantic notion? Well, evidently not if you are to believe their survey.
Personally I believe in love at first sight--been there, done that! I think it's kinda nice thinking that it can hit men just as hard, if not harder than it does for us women. It pretty much sums up the true meaning of love; it can hit anyone, anytime and anywhere:) Isn't that exciting?
Have a great Valentine's Day!