Friday, August 22, 2014

A Complimentary Reflection

I have often said that a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.
When you see others doing good, working hard and trying to do the best they can do we need to let them know that we notice and appreciate it.
Who doesn't try even harder when given recognition and a pat on the back? On the contrary, who wants to put in any effort when all they get is criticism and sarcastic remarks?
Perfect examples of this is to watch the hurt and humiliation on a child's face as they are being put down and bullied.  Then watch a child's expression when they are being complimented and praised.  Their whole demeanor changes as they sit taller with more confidence.

Along that same line, a person needs to stand up to injustice.  A lot of terrible things happen when good people say nothing! If you see an injustice happening you must stand up to it even if you are in the minority. Trust me, it is not always easy when you feel as though you are standing alone; but it is the right thing to do. That does not mean blurting out every thought that comes in to your head; you need to weigh your words and tone carefully if you choose to stand up for what you feel is an injustice.

I am not a perfect person. We are not a perfect people.  However, that does not mean that we give up trying to do what is right and just. As adults we need to work hard and live our lives so that when our children and grandchildren think of fairness, caring and integrity they will hopefully think of us.
What better compliment is there than that.