Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Fragments...REALLY???

Easter is just around the corner and with grandchildren around the topic of Easter Bunny is a daily one. We live in the woods so whenever a rabbit goes hopping through our lawn we ask, "Do you think that might be Easter Bunny?" We are big on holidays in our home. We decorate the house, read stories, make cut out cookies,do crafts(see my daughters craft blog, Look What We Did Today) and celebrate the reason for the holiday. It's fun and a way to connect with not only our children and grandchildren but also to the "child" in all of us!
Don't you remember the excitement of getting your Easter basket out, coloring eggs and finding your basket on Easter morning? Wow! There really had to be an Easter Bunny because there was no way that our parents would ever allow us to have all of that candy at one time!
One day my husband was telling how easy it was for him as a child to figured out the truth about Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. I was listening intently as he very seriously and thoughtfully went on to say, "But you know, I could never figure out the Tooth Fairy. It took me a long time and when I did I felt really bad, it was kinda traumatic."
I looked at him waiting for the punch line... but when I realized he was serious I blurted out in an explosive laughter. "WHAT? Are you kidding me? REALLY... the Tooth Fairy???!!"
Now granted, that probably wasn't very tactful of me, but at the time it was absolutely hilarious!! Well, to me anyway...
I mean really, figuring out where the dime under my pillow came from verses where the doll under the tree came from? No contest, the Santa thing was much more upsetting for me.
So, I guess no matter how old we are, the "child" in us still comes to the surface when we reflect on those events. But REALLY, come on...the Tooth Fairy??!!


Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

Made me smile! Very cute post! Thanks for stopping by - I'm enjoying following you.

Kyrstin said...

Oh- Give Dad a break! I do agree that finding out about Santa and the Easter Bunny were more traumatic