Monday, April 19, 2010

Building Castles

I often wonder what makes some people positive and others negative? Children born of the same parents can have such different outlooks on things. Isn't that interesting?

I think it comes down to choices. You can either take your experiences in life and use them to make things better, or you can use them to drag you down.

I choose to find the good, because face it, I would rather be happy than sad; but most importantly, that is where my faith leads me.

Thoreau wrote:

"If you build castles in the air your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.

Now, put the foundations under them.

History can be messy and painful, but it is not our destruction; if we are lucky it is our foundation.

You just have to work your way through the mess to find what matters; to find the pieces of your past you still want to carry with you.

And sometime, if you have just the right view and just the right castle, you can build the foundation for your new history... All by yourself."

I write this to all of you who are struggling with something right now. I believe you can build a new castle with a foundation that will lead to a positive outlook on life.
It truly is an adventure! :)


Gina F said...

You could of not said it any better. I build my castles to be strong and always happy. I am a very happy person and so is my family. There is too much hate in this world. BE HAPPY DON'T WORRY!!!


Kinsey said...

I really like the Thoreau quote.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Sand castles are my forte.

Happy Gramma said...

Hi fellow Grandma!
I found you on Friday Follow and am looking forward to following your blog! I am like you, no matter what life brings, I choose to be happy!
Come visit me @

Peggy said...

Bless your heart! So glad to meet you:)