Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Just Grandma..."

I am curious- what names do you and/or your children have for the grandparents in your life?

Seems as though every family has a fun way of differentiating which grandparents they are referring to.

When I was growing up we called my Dad's parents,"Grandma and Grandpa on the Farm" and my Mom's parents were, "Grandpa and Grandma in Town!" That was simple as that is where they lived!

When we became grandparents for the first time there was an actual discussion on what would we liked to be called? One suggestion was that we use our name, such as "Grandma Peggy?" Somehow that wasn't comfortable for me, so I asked if I could simply be called just Grandma and the other grandma could have her name attached. That seemed agreeable to everyone:)

Once Billy started talking, and he needed to tell someone about me, he would lovingly and without hesitation refer to me as, "Just Grandma!" We got such a kick out of that as obviously he was picking up on what his parents were saying when they needed to refer to us, instead of the grandparents on the other side of the family!

Yesterday I spent the day with my daughter and her kids. I rode with her to pick up 5 year old Connor from preschool. He ran out to the car along side of one of his little friends. As he jumped into my arms, I introduced myself to his friend saying, "Hi, I'm Connor's Grandma!" You could tell that Connor was very excited to have me there; he proudly and loudly yelled, "Her name is Just Grandma!:)" Now how can you not laugh at that?

Connor calls his other grandparents "Kitty Grandma and Grandpa," because guess what... they have cats:) You just have to appreciate the principles of association!

Our other grandson, Tate, who lives out of state, refers to us as "Grandma and Grandpa in The Woods," which we love; as yes, we DO live in the woods:) His other grandparents are called "Grandma and Grandpa Chris." because Uncle Chris was in high school and naturally living at home with them when Tate was born, so that's how he relates to them!

I have an adult friend who called her grandparents "Jing-Jing and Bah," and I use to wonder how she explained that to teachers etc... when talking about them? Interesting...

Life is full of fun sayings, expressions and happenings, don't you just love it?
Have a great day:)


Shell said...

Love "Just Grandma."

My parents are Grammy and Papa to my boys and my husband's parents are Grandma and Grandpa.

Jessica Warrick said...

My momma is nanna and my hubbies mom is mimi(her choice)

tyneboden said...

I call my grandma "Grandma" Haha! :-)

I think it's funny because Justin refers to his as "Gammies." That's what he says on his phone when she calls! Kinda silly I think!

Peggy said...

My neighbor just told me tonight that she called hers "Smooth" G'pa & G'ma and the other, "Bumpy" G'pa & G'ma...
I was doing a visual thinking one was trim and fit, and the other a little chubby maybe????...
WRONG--the roads they lived on were as described! Ha--had me going for a minute:)

amy said...

My mom and stepdad are Nana and Papa
My dad and stepmom are grandmom and grandad from chicago

My moms mom is Nana2
My dads parents are grandad and gradmom from texas
My husbands dad (mom is deceased) is grandpa to all except to my youngest who calls him Nantah. Go figure! With all those grandparents my kiddos have to keep them straight somehow!

Life Is A SandCastle said...

My sons called my hubs mom-Granny
my mom-nanna
my grandma-grandma
my dad-Pa

My mom said I don't care what he calls me as long as he calls me, he picked nanna and all of the names his choice.

Jessica said...

My kids call my parents Mamaw and Papaw and my husbands parents Nanny and Papaw Gene.

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Busy Working Mama said...

My daughter calls my mother "Babcia" which is Polish for Grandma. Her other Grandma is not very active in her life so she is Grandma Debbi.

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Robyn Jones said...

We have some confusion in our family, because my oldest daughter has two little ones, and so do I..It is a little bit of an odd relationship, because it is hard for me to be a grandma..and then treat my kids differently..all the same ...the grandkids call my hubby papa.., me grandma Robyn, and my MIL Grandma...My son gets very confused, and sometimes calls me grandma..LOL! Nothing but the abnormal for my fam... BTW..I found you through friday follow!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Finally! a blogger from my generation. How nice to meet you. I get called Grandma Roe. "Just Grandma" is precious. I bet he'll grow out of that, but fun for now. The other grandmother in our mix is called Kiki (swiss I think). I tell myself that I'm not jealous of her special name, but then "Grandma" is special just as it is, right, Just Grandma?

Friday Follows are like a box of never know who you will get to meet.

Gina F said...

My daugther calls my mom grandma and my dad grandpa. My daughter calls my husband's mom Granny and my husband's dad Poppy. I think Poppy is so cute.


VKT said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Friday Follow. I would be happy to follow your blog if you follow mine. Have a great week-end!

Robyn Jones said...

..To make matters even more confusing..My daughter and I were pregnant together both my grandson is 3 months older then my son, and my grand daughter is 6 weeks older then my daughter...LOL!

Jenelle said...

I had so many Grandmas growing up, it was confusing! I don't know why I didn't think to call them the "town grandma" and "country grandma" or something. :)

My son calls my in-laws grandma and grandad and my parents nana and poppy, so no confusion! They just happed to want different names which was fine with us.

It's funny that my blog is title "Life in the Woods" when we don't actually live in the woods we're just looking forward to when we do. Our house has been for sale for over a year, so no woods for us yet! Someday, though! :)