Monday, May 17, 2010

School in Church?

So, how does it happen that a bunch of high school students ended up in church on a Sunday night?
Well, last night our church hosted the Senior Baccalaureate service for the community.
Since Baccalaureate services were forbidden to be held in the schools a number of years ago, the churches in our community decided to take turns hosting it each year.
Seniors of all faiths and some of no faith, come to this service to hear about going out into the world and what can be expected to happen; all under the context of course, that God is always at your side, whether you want him there or not:) That's one of God's little quirks; he loves everyone and isn't about to leave anyone behind:)

Our minister has a way of getting young people's attention as she shares her sermons with funny stories and much laughter. Students and parents alike were enjoying all she had to share. I have no doubt they left that night feeling warm and content.
She told the group,
"Don't tell me that prayer isn't in the schools...As long as the teachers are giving tests, there WILL be prayer in the school!" :)

It was a wonderful evening, and I went away thinking that if one person, young or old was at all affected by the warmth of community, it was because of the love and grace that only God can give:)


Kinsey said...

Good job getting the photo on by yourself!!!

Gina F said...



Robyn Jones said...

HA! Prayer for tests..LOL! They took prayer out of schools in Canada when I was in grade two...I still remember saying the Lords Prayer, and I think it is part of the reason I serve God today...My parents aren't Christians....It's good that your church is willing to support this day...

Anonymous said...

That is so true about tests. lol

Anonymous said...

That is great to see and hear. Those Seniors are very lucky indeed to have such a supportive community.

p.s. I like your idea of sauntering in your yard. Sounds very relaxing.