Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Valentine Gift

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day. To us it will now be something even more, if that is possible.  Tyne and Justin got married on that very special day so it will be an anniversary that will be hard to forget!
 As I stood watching them hold hands in the cold of that outdoor ceremony I couldn't help but to lapse back in time to when she was our little girl, our little valentine:) Her name lent us to use it interchangeably during Valentine's Day as we would write on her cards "Valentyne." I used it often over the years even while she was in college as she was still our Valentyne!

Who would have thought that the little play on words with her name would become a subtle little prophecy of our Tyne getting married on Valen"tyne's" Day 28 years later! Life if fun that way; but I believe it to be instead a little God moment.
  I don't believe it was a coincidence that they won a contest to be married on that day, nor a coincidence that Justin got a job around the same time, or a coincidence that this minister quoted scripture during the ceremony and turned out to be a Methodist minister, when we were told it was to be a non-religious ceremony!
 No, I don't believe much in coincidence anyhow, and you don't have to be hit on the head with a falling piano to see that there was a much bigger power working this Valentine's Day.  "When you say it was a coincidence or luck, you deny God the right to give it meaning!"
I believe that he was sending a message that if you believe in him and trust in him he will take care of you and let you know that he is there.  What a wonderful way to start a marriage!

So while we are happy and excited and feel blessed that she is now in union with Justin, nothing can ever take a way the fact that she won our hearts first and will always be our little "Valentyne."

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Kyrstin said...

It will be a day we all remember!!