Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Words

Today I heard my 14 year old grandson tell his little 3 year old brother, " Alec do you know how lucky we are to have Grandma take care of us every day? Otherwise we would be in a day care center!"

It's amazing how things come to light when you get older and can learn to look at things in an appreciative way and one that isn't just taken for granted.
This summer that same grandson asks me often if I'm having a good day, and has even asked me if I like having them here every day?
I reassure him that they are wonderful company and I would be lonely without them!   I tell them that they make me laugh and keep me busy:)
I think it is as important to let them know how they make a difference in my life as much as hearing how much they appreciate me, (and my cookies:)
We all need to hear sweet words like that, don't you think?

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Kyrstin said...

Awe - how nice of Billy to say!