Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me...

Mr. Food came out with Shoo Fly Pie last week, that he claimed was "Soooooo Good!"
I listened to him describe this" ooey, gooey filling that a person just couldn't resist digging into!" It is an Amish favorite and it gets it's name because even the flies couldn't resist it while it would be sitting on the window sill cooling down.  He went on to say that while the Amish guard their recipe closely, he had one that is just as tasty and easy.
Well, who could resist this recipe after hearing all of that? Not me!! It looked wonderful on the TV screen and hey, if the Amish love it, it has to be great, right? So I went online and got the recipe printed off and proceeded to make it.
The first clue should have been seeing the one cup of molasses....I did question it and even checked other Shoo Fly Pie recipes to make sure this wasn't an error--but they all had the same ingredients. The aroma of the pie filled my house as it baked. I could hardly wait to try it! Waiting an hour for the filling to cool down and set was one of the longest hours ever. Finally, the first slice was cut and handed out to my daughter who kept asking me if it was good? I assured her it had to be as Mr. Food said, "It's Sooooo Good!" After all, he doesn't get paid for tell lies on TV!
As I handed the slice of ooey, gooey pie to her, I grabbed my fork and dipped into it for a taste. We both swallowed our bites about the same time and we both looked at each other and said nothing---- for a moment anyhow. I think my first words were, "Oh my gosh, this is like eating straight molasses out of the jar!" Her words were, "I can't eat this, it is way too strong."
My husband who can, and will eat anything just laughed at us. He promptly took the plate out of our hands proclaiming, "Great! more for me!" He actually did finish it, but said afterward that he probably wouldn't be asking for another piece anytime in the future...
I wish I knew what the attraction is for this pie...maybe you have to grow up eating it or something--or maybe you have to be Amish???? Whatever the answer I would love to know.
Until then, "Shoo fly don't bother me" EVER again!
Talk about an adventure!


Kinsey said...

It was nasty!!! Never again will I eat that pie. You couldn't pay me enough.

Kyrstin said...

Wow! I would have loved to try it just to be able to taste it.

Missie said...

Living among the Amish, I grew up with shoofly pie. If it's made correctly, it shouldn't taste just like molasses. Maybe you used to much? LOL