Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Promise:)

This past Friday we spent the day helping our daughter, husband and kids move out of their house and relocate to another town. It was a busy day full of lifting, shifting, moaning, groaning and cleaning, but we got it done.

In the midst of all of this their son, our grandson, Connor was experiencing a new change other than the move itself. During his kindergarten check-up they discovered that one of his eyes was weak and he needed glasses! To put it mildly, he was not very excited about this, and there were many tears, folded arms and bottom lip pouts.

Friday morning our daughter called and warned us to not mention his glasses when we got there as it was his first day of wearing them and he was struggling with the adjustment.
When we got there,it was hard not to say anything as he looked absolutely adorable, kinda like the little guy on Jerry Maguire!

But we said nothing and all seemed to be going well until without a thought, I reached over to push his glasses up on his nose a little. Suddenly there was this pause...he looked at me and with a very firm, accusatory expression he said, "Grandma, how did you know I got glasses?"
Remembering my daughter's warning, I quickly responded with, "I didn't know about it!"He looked at me over the top of his lenses and suspiciously said, "Grandma... how did you know???"I very casually said, "Well, when I came today it was a surprise!"He worked his way around my chair saying, "Well, I don't want anyone to know that I have glasses, so DON'T tell anyone, OK?" I told him that I wouldn't tell anyone, and he said, "You promise? 'cuz I don't want ANYONE to know."

I could barely contain my laughter as we carried on this very serious conversation, looking at his big, bright blue eyes framed by those cute little round framed glasses. But if he felt secure that his glasses were invisible as long as I kept my promise and didn't tell anyone, then so be it. I kept his secret for the rest of the day:)


tyneboden said...

Quite the handsome nephew I have!

Kyrstin said...

How sweet - he is adjusting very nicely to his new glasses!

-K said...

That is too adorable and he is soooo super cute!

Kinsey said...

This is so funny!

Missie said...

Poor kid! I remember when my son got his glasses at the same age as your grandson. The first thing he said when he put on the glasses for the first time was, "WOW, so that's what you look like!" I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. LOL

Gina F said...

God Bless Connor! That was so darn cute and kids say the darnest things sometimes. I love it. You were such a great sport at keeping your promise Grandma. I think Connor is the most precious kid with those glasses on. TOO CUTE! WELCOME BACK YOU WAS MISSED!! :o)


Missie said...

Connor is absolutely adorable. I remember when I got glasses and how much I hated them, but I never looked as cute as he does with his!

Midday Escapades said...

Too precious! He looks adorable and what a conversation ya'll had.

BTW - Thanks for your comment at my post today. It took me a while but I finally listened.

Life Is A SandCastle said...

I love conversations with children, better than some adults.
The glasses look very stylish:)

Jenelle said...

OH! SO cute! I hope the little guy becomes comfortable with his glasses soon.

Peggy, I'm finally following you! I thought I had already signed up to, but I guess not. I meant to earlier!