Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Prayers Answered?

I asked the Lord today if I could have just one day that would be stress free. Before the words actually left my lips I changed my mind and asked, "How about a week that is stress free?" But before he could answer my heartfelt request, I got a little greedy and in a humorous sort of way said, "Actually, how about a year that is stress free?"  
It didn't take long for him to answer. I think he felt He had to be quick this time in case I changed my prayer again:).
His answer was this, " You have kids...."
I had to laugh out loud as I'm sure He is wondering why I would even consider asking such a thing knowing that He purposely gave me five children and what in the world did I expect to go along with the joy and happiness they give me; of course there has to be a balance!

It's good to know He has an endearing sense of humor:)

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