Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Ultimate Compliment

Compliments are always nice to hear, don't you think?  They don't have to be major earth shattering ones. The little ones when a person notices your new hair cut etc..should make you feel that you are important enough for someone takes the time to really pay attention to you! That is pretty much what it is all about..knowing someone cares enough to notice.

Many years ago, when I was a child, parents were told that your child would get a big head if you complimented them too much. Roll forward 40 years later when it became acceptable to compliment your child on everything in order to build their self esteem. Personally I think both are a bit extreme. I tend to think a person should compliment when it comes from the heart.  That becomes an individual thing as some people just aren't observant while others notice everything!

When we raised our kids we  received many compliments about our children. They weren't all because of their school accolades  in academics, sports, or extra curricular but also because of their kind hearts, thoughtful and caring ways and just being "a good kid" (as my mom would say:). 

I have to give credit in a large part to them being exposed to the virtues of living in a Christian atmosphere; not only in our home but in the church and among their friends with similar backgrounds. All of which lends to a big support system when kids have to be confronted with major temptations and choices while growing up. It makes a BIG difference to have that firm base to stand on in their lives (a compliment to God for how he influences ones life!).

While as parents we have these proud moments, there are also times when we wonder if we are handling things right or what did we do wrong?  Those can be tough times and perhaps those are the times we need to hear compliments the most, to remind us not to let these doubting episodes overshadow all the right moments.

Today I heard Matt Lauer from the TODAY SHOW make an observation after one of his interviews that just tugged at my heart. It was not only a compliment to the young man he interviewed but to his mother and father.
He said to his colleagues afterward, " Those are some wonderful parents!"
To me, that would be the ultimate compliment,:)

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