Monday, November 4, 2013


Two weeks ago I was riding up north with my son Blake and his two sons Tate (10 1/2) and Easton (3 1/2) when we drove past my hometown cemetery.
 I told the boys that this is where my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great grandma, great grandpa and my brother were buried.  Easton, being an inquisitive conversationalist at his age, immediately exclaimed,
 "Is there an X there?" 
 Unsure of what he meant at first, I hesitated until Blake chuckled quietly to me that he was talking about pirates and grave yards.  I had to smile, and replied that there weren't any X's there, just headstones with their names on it!
 I explained that some day I would have to take them there to show them where everyone's grave was. Without a moment of hesitation, he asked,
 " Should I bring my shovel?"
At this point neither Blake nor myself could contain ourselves any longer and  we started to laugh out loud while telling him that we wouldn't need any shovels as we didn't want to dig them up as they were happy in heaven right now, and there were only bones left in the grave.
He excitedly asked,
 "Do they have clothes on in heaven?"
 Still smiling at his questions, I assured him that I was sure they did.  Suddenly Tate, who had been soaking all of this in, asked,
"So if their bones are here are they kind of squishy up in heaven?"
Hmmm, way to keep me on my toes...  I told him that I was sure they were all healthy and standing just fine as God makes everything OK again. I had to wonder  to myself how this conversation went from a nostalgic type of tone to one of a spooky graveyard and an alien type of finale!

However that happened, it sure made for a fun ride and a great conversation, one I will never forget. I sure love those guys:)

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