Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friends We Love To Hate???

I woke up yesterday morning to the radio announcer reading off  "The Top 5 Facebook Friends We Love To Hate!"  (Note: I am using their lines, as I am not on Facebook.)
#1--The Bragger- the person who has posts bragging pictures and comments; " My husband is the best ever, my kids are so good..."
#2--The Debbie Downer- the person who prints "Woe is me... I am so depressed-can't I ever get a break..."
#3--The Mysterious- the person who gives clues like, "What a day-I need a break, Ugggh..." Without explaining what is behind the comment!
#4--Mr. Money Bags- the person who lets you know that they buy this and that and everything to one-up you; so they think:)
#5--The Compliment Fisher-The person who posts things waiting to get a compliments like; "You can do it, lucky you, good for you, you deserve it..."
(One I have heard complaints from is, The Minute By Minute-"Going to the bathroom, will be right back, the phone is ringing, my stomach hurts, I need an aspirin..."

After all of these were read, the announcers went on to agree and add their own complaints, when finally one of them said, " You know...after reading these, what CAN you write about without being hated?" (Hmmm, exactly what I was thinking as I listened to this.)
Which in turn makes me wonder, do we really need to have friends that we love to hate?

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Tyne said...

This is so true! Everyone needs 2 friends though... 1 to talk to, and 1 to talk about!